Consulting Services

AIS consulting services can assist you by providing a knowledgeable professional(s) in the areas of psychological services, administrative services, assistive technology and training. We have the ability to customize our consulting services to meet specific needs that have been identified. Our goal is to use a team approach between AIS staff and school division staff designed to promote the ultimate success of students using a clearly defined methodology. We work alongside your staff to develop solutions to meet your goals, be it to promote student success, improve instructional programs or assure clear procedures. Efficiency is always paramount as services are rendered to insure that you receive the best possible return on your investment. Our consultants are individuals with a broad range of expertise and real world experience in the provision of special education that can be focused on your specific situation. The use of a consultant gives you access to the expertise you need at the moment you really need it.

Administrative Services – includes but not limited to the following: teacher reviews, file audits, curriculum development

Assistive Technology – includes but not limited to the following – building an AT team, developing AT procedures, conducting AT evaluations and selecting the right technology.

Psychological Services – includes but not limited to the following – Assessments of sensory impaired students

Trainings- includes but not limited to the following - Functional Behavioral Assessments, Behavior Intervention Plans, Manifestations, data collection and how to report on data, effectively using data in the classroom, applying ABA principles in the classroom.