Nottoway County Public Schools has trusted Allied Instructional Services to provide quality services for the past three years to our students with disabilities. We appreciate their team approach and the fact that their staff has a real understanding of the special education needs of our schools. AIS always responds quickly to our requests and is available to address any issues that arise. It is wonderful to have a one stop provider that can meet the many special services that our students require. Joan Dooley, Ed. D. - Director of Exceptional Education - Nottoway County Public Schools

I have really enjoyed working as an Allied contractor. The administrative staff have really supported me as a new Orientation and Mobility Specialist. That said, I also have also enjoyed a high degree of autonomy as an independent contractor. As a former middle school SPED teacher, I wanted to continue working with students with special needs. With Allied, I am able to do that in a be-my-own-boss scenario. Greg Chittum- Orientation and Mobility Instructor

While working through AIS I have experienced a lot of professional growth from serving a diverse population of students in a variety of educational settings.Michelle Gagnon

With AIS I know that I'm part of a wonderful team of teachers who genuinely care and want to make a difference in a child's life. Sometimes being a vision itinerant feels like being Gilligan stranded alone on that deserted island. Thankfully, being on the island with AIS means you have the Professor there to make a radio out of coconuts. Karen Meyers - Teacher for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Working for AIS gies me an opportunity to continue doing a job that I love. I can set my own schedule and determine the amount of time I want to work. As a retired teacher, this flexibility is extremely important to me. Margaret Tomasik -Teacher for Blind and Visually Impaired